I'm Brian Kappus and since 1989 I have been working with small business owners, have been closely tied to the customer service industry, and I have been keeping up with technology and all of its changes. All of this adds up to business technology experience to help you with your business technology decisions.


    I am very fortunate to have made many solid business relationships over the past 25 years. These are small business owners that are experts and that I trust to help provide the solutions that your business needs. Follow the link below and allow me to introduce you to your team, built solely for your success.


Primary Services

Business Technology Consulting

Most business owners aren't sure where to turn for answers to their business technology questions. Sure, there are other technology consulting companies, but most are not focused on the true small business owner. That is where my expertise is. Over the past 25 years, I have primarily been involved with businesses that have 2-200 employees, covering just about every industry imaginable. I understand the challenges you are faced with. Let me help you overcome them.

Regardless of the business problem you are faced with, I have the experience to help you implement the right solutions and align your business with the right technology strategies for sustained business growth, scalability, and profitability. I don't just set you in the right direction and then move on, I am with you from concept, design, implementation, and support. Your business becomes my business. Simply stated: I solve your businesses technology problems.

Business Processes and Automation

Having the right business processes in place is critical for scalability. I've worked with numerous businesses to help them overcome inefficiencies that are preventing productivity. Honestly, it's much easier to see when you're on the outside looking in.

You're the business owner. You're in the weeds day in and day out. You're running with your hair on fire. I get it. What seemed like something you could come back to and easily fix has now lost its urgency and priority. These things must still be fixed, before you can experience successful growth and profitability. If you're profitable now, imagine how profitable you would be with the right processes in place. Let's work together and begin the process of fixing the process.

Infusionsoft Sales, Training, Support, Data Import, and Implementation

Infusionsoft is the only all-in-one sales and marketing automation software for small businesses that combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce. Infusionsoft is the easiest way to grow sales and save time. It's the only sales and marketing software built for small business.

I worked at Infusionsoft for a year, and to quote Paul Sokol, "Working at Infusionsoft for a year is like earning a PHD in helping small businesses succeed." The team that I have assembled to help implement Infusionsoft is simply awesome. Let us help you. If you're not using Infusionsoft, let's talk.

Custom Infusionsoft API Integrations

As powerful as Infusionsoft is, it can't do everything. That's by design. It wasn't built to do everything. Introducing the Infusionsoft API. This dynamic tool helps overcome the limitations of Infusionsoft. We use it to build custom integrations between Infusionsoft and other software to eliminate double data entry and to expand what Infusionsoft is capable of.

If you find yourself thinking that Infusionsoft won't do something that you need it to, fill out the Free Consultation form and let's start working on the custom solution using the API that changes the way you think.

Project Management

Project Managment is time consuming but is also critical to the success of a project. If you are identifying the projects, writing the scopes of work, doing the work as well as managing the projects, you are putting the project and your customer at risk. You can't effectively manage projects at that level of involvement.

Let me take over your project managment. I have successfully managed small revenue projects to multi-million dollar projects, deliverying on-time and at or under budget. I am skilled at writing scopes of work with milestones that hold you and the customer accountable. Let's face it. Sometimes its the customer that causes the delays, and without the right contract verbiage and time managment, there's nothing you can do to overcome those challenges. I can help you remove the risks and challenges and become more profitable with your project revenue and more productive with your time.

Lifecycle Marketing Strategy

Lifecycle marketing is a seven-stage system devised specifically for small businesses to help them transform their sales and marketing. It is comprised of basic strategies and tactics integrated into a single, self-sustaining process. Small businesses that implement lifecycle marketing principles through the affordable, easy-to-use automation technology now available to them are in the best position to grow, nurture and retain valuable customers.

Let's identify which stages are working well for you and which stages need attention. There are seven stages for a reason. If you're not using all seven, we need to talk.

Infusionsoft Certifications

  • Infusionsoft Certified Partner
  • Infusionsoft Trained User Seal